Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics : A Unitary Platform for All the Players

Olympics is a big international fair of games of summer and winter. Thousands of players of different countries participated in different games. It schedules after every four years. In 776 B.C., Olympic Games held in Unan. After then, these games were stopped. In 1896, Baron Pierre de Coubertin made an international committee which organize Olympic Games under I.O.C. (International Olympic Committee).
I.O.C. decides when and where the Olympic Games will be held, which players of different countries will participate.
Olympics provide an unitary platform to every countries which makes the players close to one another. There are five circles in Olympics Logo. These five circles describes five Continents (Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Australia). There is a great significance of torch also in Olympics. This torch is burnt with the light of Sun in Europe and then this torch is sent to that country in which Olympics takes place. It continues to burn till Olympics ended.
Olympics 2012 started from July 27 to August 12 in London. These games were played in 1908 and 1948 also in London. 204 countries participated this year. It held in China in 2008 and Abhinav Bindra from India won a Gold Medal in Archery, Sushil Kumar in Wrestling and Vijendra Singh in Boxing won Silver Medals. More than 50 players and 16 players of Hockey of India qualified for different games this year. So Lets pray for best performance of Indian players.


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