Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mika Singh : Bad Boy of The Bollywood

How does bagging a Film fare Award matter..!
How much of a deal is to work with the best music directors in the Industry..!
And how does it mean a lot to sing for A-list Actors..!
Minus everything that qualifies one as a talented playback singer; Mika is there and on the top...

Amrik Singh, real name of Mika Singh, born on June 10 in Durgapur, west Bengal. He brought up in Patna, Bihar along with his brother Daler Mehndi. His father, Ajmer Singh Chandan, is a trained classical Musician of the old school. His mother, Balbir Kaur, was also aware of Folk Music.
Ask any Dj or a party hopper how many times Tu Mera Hero is played; for that matter, the scene is not very different at weddings. “Fans tell me that the party begins with the song and ends with it. To a singer, this is the biggest compliment," says Mika, the voice behind the super hit track of the Movie Desi Boyzzz. The song is just the beginning of his list of 30 Hit Tracks in the last one year.

Mika does not mind bragging about his success story. Humility is not a word meant for him. Neither when it comes to his hit songs nor his passions. "I recently bought two camels because i just wanted to." He goes on, "I also bought an Island in Damdama Lake and a small forest near Delhi." He once felt the same for his small army of body guards... Remember when they bashed up Rakhi Sawant's Boyfriend after that Kiss incident. Rakhi Sawant was kissed by Mika when she went to his place to attend a party and wish him on his Birth Day in June 2006. "I don't have any now but i am happy that I triggered off this trend in Bollywood."

Mika set off another trend in the Industry that of Nasal Singing. While that's what people call it, he says that's his style, which was soon follwed by Himesh Reshammiya and Salim Sulaiman, "It's my style and if people have liked it then that's enough for me. Take the example of Kolaveri Di; people liked it even if music critics didn't." He also gets the credit for making Punjabi Singers venture into Bollywood and he is happy to quate the recent examples of Babbu Mann and Diljit Dosanjh.
Mika has participated in some reality shows called Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao and Music Ka Maha Muqabala etc.

Mika is next working upon Ganpat version - 2. The first was superhit, which encouraged him to even write the second. "It is important to relise that none of my songs are the title numbers. Tu Mera Hero was the fourth track; Mauja Hi Mauja of Jab We Met was the second track and same in the case of Dhin-ka-Chika of Ready. My Songs eventually become bigger than the films." He hasn't worked for the big banners but something he resolves to do this year is sing for Amitabh Bachchan. Though there is nothing in the pipeline, he is sure that something will work out.
Minus any pretensions, while he loves to boast of what he does and what he owns, there’s something he doesn't readily talk about. Nudge him a bit; even then the details come through reluctantly. "I run an NGO in Delhi by the name of "Divine Touch", where 300 girls are given vocational training annually." And that is where it ends. He again hops back to his favorite topic - I, Me, Myself. "I might be the bad boy of Bollywood but i am not that bad. Controversies follow me but that is because I am Successful. All My Songs are a Hit..." Rest goes on and on....!

Dedicated a Portrait on his 35th Birthday to Bad Boy of the Bollywood

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar : The Father Of Modern India

India is a vast country and many people of the world have invaded it such as the Muslims, British’s, Portuguese’s, French’s and Dutch people. The name of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar brings to our mind a social reformer. He belonged to the first ranking leaders of India like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose who fought for Independence of India. He had the distinction of getting higher education despite the many odds he had to face during the feudal Indian society. But he faced all the difficulties and rose to become a noted lawyer, a man of knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Ambedkar was not only the real father of nation but also the liberator of all oppressed people. No other icon can represent that cultural heritage in the modern period. He has been honored with Bharat RatnaIndia’s highest civilian award.

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkaar was born on April 14, 1891 at Mohan in a poor family. He was the 14th and last child of Ramji Maloji Sakpal and Bhimabai. He was popularly known as Baba Saheb by his friends and followers. After graduating from Bombay, he began to serve the state of Baroda under the King of Baroda Shri Sivaji Rao Gaekwad. He did his job with a great sincerity and integrity. Later on, he went to USA for higher studies. He received a wide applause for his talent both in India and abroad.
Dr. Ambedkar always stood for equality, justice, liberty and fraternity. He wrote
I like the religion that teaches us Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”
He was called Indian Lincoln by the Zion’s Herald. He; a great Columbia University, Oxford educated scholarand 1st Law Minister of India after Independence; wrote the Indian Constitution. He created constitutional rights for all Indians that place most importantly the poor people equally among others. He fought for civil rights struggle for abolishing caste system and made the new India possible provided equality. He revived Buddhism in India. The Constituent Assembly of Independent India appointed a Drafting Committee with him as its Chairman to draft the Constitution of India. In February 1948, He presented the Draft Constitution before the people of India; it was adopted on November 26, 1949 with all its 356 Articles and 8 Schedules.
Since 1948, Ambedkar had been suffering from diabetes. He was bed-ridden from June to October in 1954 owing to clinical depression and failing eyesight. On May 24, 1956, on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, he declared in Bombay, that he would adopt Buddhism in October. On 0ctober 14, 1956 he embraced Buddhism along with many of his followers. On December 6, 1956, Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar died peacefully in his sleep.
Really Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was the real Father of Modern India.
A Portrait Of Baba Saheb is dedicated at his 121th Birthday...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Charlie Chaplin : A Creative & Influential Personalities of the Silent-Film Era

Whenever we remind Charlie Chaplin, Character with Broad Pent, Tight Coat, Small Hat, Big Boots and Small Moustache comes in front of our eyes. He became a famous man in his very early age with his timing of Comedy. Many artists in every country of this world tried to copy him. In India or Bollywood, an example of his character is Raj KapoorShowman of Bollywood who performed many characters like Chaplin and got a lot of praise. ..
Charlie’s father’s name is Charles Chaplin and his mother’s name is Hena Hill who worked in British Music Hall as an artist. He was born on April 16, 1889. The very first bad incident in the life of Charlie was when his mother made a decision to take divorce from her husband and live her life separately with 3 years’ old Charlie. She tried to foster him by doing small work. One day in the year 1894 His mother, a victim of disease of throat, was doing her performance in the theater The Canteen; her neck had left her company. The condition the theater became terrible by the soldiers and the young boys. A 5 years’ old Charlie could not tolerate her insult. To control the conditions, he came on the stage with full of confidence and sang a composition of Jack Jones. All the people admired him at that stage and roaring sound of clapping welcomed him in the house of an Artist, Composer and a Comedian
Charlie had never looked back after this huge success. He travelled his first tour of America with Friend Carno Trup in 1910. After two years, he introduced his art in front of American people and got huge amount of love & affection. Then he made his mind to live in America. In the year 1913, Mack Sanat, the owner of Kiston Studio, offered him to do in his movie. He became the heartbeat of million American people after getting huge success of 2nd film with the same company…
Charlie Chaplin, who was called a Mine of Intelligence, created United Artist Film Distribution Company with the partenership of D. W. Grifith, Duglus Farebanks and Mery Pickford and made movies as A Woman Of Paris (1925), The City Lights (1931), Modern Times (1921) and broke previous record of his success. In the movie Modern Times, He was music composer too and all the others are silent movies
In the year 1927, in spite of talkative movies in Hollywood, he directed first talkative movie The Great Dictator which was totally against the Hitler and his Nazism. In the year 1942, he criticized the approachability of America in Second World War which made him a Controversial person…
In 1952, when he went to London to promote his movie Lime Time, he was restricted to come back by American Government and he was become homeless. A King in New York was his one of his movie which stirred the blood of political conditions of America. This movie sealed his way to return America and he started living in vevey (Switzerland). He had 9 girlfriends, 3 wives and 11 children. When he was 54 years’ old, he married to Ona Neel who was smaller thrice to him and had 8 children from her. In the end, he died on December 25, 1977 when he was 88 years’ old
Really Charlie Chaplin was one of the most Creative and Influential Personalities of the Silent-Film Era…

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday : The Day Death Died

Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering and death on the cross of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is also known as Black Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday, or Easter Friday, though the latter normally refers to the Friday in Easter week.
Many Christians spend this day in fasting, prayer, repentance, and meditation on the agony and suffering of Christ on the cross.
Jesus sacrificed His Life so that we may enter Heaven through Him.
That is such a powerful sacrifice,
He set aside His Deity to be flesh on Earth;
And without doing any wrong;
He was killed and His Blood was shed for us…

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

K. L. Saigal - First Superstar Of Indian Film Industry

Being a great singer as well as a great actor and then justify both of the acts, this can be done only by a stunning and remarkable personality. K. L. Saigal (Kundan Lal Saigal) was the owner of this type.  Hailed as Shehnshah-e-musical (emperor of Music) and acclaimed as the ghazal king, K. L. Saigal became a phenomenon in his own lifetime. Idolized for his distinctive style by the first generation of Bollywood Playback Singers. He is now the subject of study by the severals scholars. He was the first Superstar of the Indian Film Industry. Some very popular actors/actresses of Bollywood had stepped on the footsteps of his singing and acting and got the success…

Kundan Lal Saigal was born on April 04, 1904 at Jammu where his father Sri Amar Chand was a Tehsildar and his mother Kesar Bai was deeply religious lady and was very fond of Music. So he used to sing Bhajan, Kirtan and Shabad in his early childhood. Against his father’s wishes, Saigal used to continue his practice with the help of Ram Leela and contine to polish his art…
After completing his studies, he had tried so many things. He worked as a Time Keeper in Railway and Salesman of Remington Typewriter Compant. In Lahor with the help of his friend Meharchand Jain, he went to Calcutta and introduced himself to famous musician R.C. Boral who introduced him to the owner of “New Theaters”, B.N. Sarkar and got him a job at Rs.200/- per month…

At first he released a Punjabi Song under the Music direction of Harish Chandar Beli which was very praised and then his song Jhoola Jhulaao under India Gramophone Company created success all around…
Being an actor and singer, he became a Superstar of the Bollywood with his first Film Mohabbat Ke Aansu (1932) and then by doing Subah Ka Sitaara (1932), Chandidass (1933),  Dhoop Chhaon (1935), Devdas (1935), he was become the heartbeat of everyone’s heart. Including President, Street Singer, Zindagi, Bhagat Soordass, Tansen, Shahjahaan, and Parwaana, his popularity however skyrocketed with Devdas in which he played the doomed lover to perfection, a portrayal which would influence every actor playing a tragic role thereafter. Including the immortal Diya Jalao jagmag jagmag, Baag laga doon sajni, jab dil hi toot gaya, Kundan Lal Saigal performed in 36 films in his filmy career of 15 years and sang 185 songs from which two are Punjabi, two Tamil, thirty Begali, and 150 are in Hindi or Urdu language with no formal training... 

Baalam Aan Baso (Devdas), Ik Bangla Bane Niyaara (President), So ja Rajkumari (Zindagi), Gam Diye Mustkil and Jab Dil hi Toot Gya (Shahjajan) are some of the songs which are still listening and liking by everyone with heart. Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Talit Ajiz and Lata Mangeskar also admitted his Singing. Father of his son Madan Mohan, daughters Beena (Born 1941) & Neena (Born 1937), husband of Asha Rani (whom he married in 1935) and the king of every heart, K.S. Saigal  in his ancestral city of Jalandhar  on 18 January, 1947. Parwana (1947) was his last film, released after his death, in which he sang under the baton of Khawaja Khurshid Anwar.
Really he was the first Superstar of Indian Film Industry….

A Portrait of K. l. Saigal made by me...
Ist Superstar of Indian Film Industry     
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