Tuesday, June 12, 2012

World Anti Child Labor Day: Stop Child Labour

Childhood is the most beautiful phase of every human which is free from every responsibility and stress. But there are some other children who never enjoyed their childhood and doing work for their family day and night. They are Child Laborers.

According to Indian Law, there is a free and compulsory education for every children of 6-14 aged and told 14-18 aged children to far away from dangerous work. But beside this, children do labor and dangerous work also. These children don't go to school for education.

According to Indian presumption, there are 1.3 crore children of 5-14 aged who are child laborers. We should pull out its roots to stop child labor. Its big reason is Poverty, Unemployment and Population. Because of a large family and Poverty, every member of family is ready to do any type of work. There is another threat in their mind
'Is there any hope to get job after getting education?'
Schools with free education are of low standard and no arrangement of education and high fees of Private Schools that is why People forced their children to do some work.

Today Child Labor is the biggest threat for every country in this world on which Government should take some hard steps. Population should be controlled, necessity of education should be understood, scholarships should be provided to good students of poor families, necessary things should be provided to poor families.

Government celebrates 12 June as World Anti Child Labor Day. Government should applicable laws so hard that people think 100 times to force their children to work...

A Poster of World Anti Child Labor made by me...


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